Heavy Double Width Audio Rack

Designed for systems that require additional load-bearing strength. Available in 3 and 4 shelf variations.

Our furniture is handcrafted in the USA utilizing the highest quality materials, mortise and tenon construction and modern catalyzed finishes. Listening tests are critical to the design process and our quest for the best materials recipe.


Offered in Quartered Sapele or Figured Anigre

Available in 3-shelf and 4-shelf configurations

Mortise and Tenon Construction

Furniture Leveling Glides

Catalyzed, durable finish

Model Numbers:

HD3S — [3 shelf sapele]

HD4S — [4 shelf sapele]

HD3A — [3 shelf anigre]

HD4A — [4 shelf anigre]

Model Dimensions:


Above: HD3S

Above: HD4S

Wood Options:



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